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Our vision

Sweeten the lives of our customers by ensuring the highest quality of our products and optimize food security, making getting to their tables, products that remind traditional flavors.

Our Values and Philosophy

  • Professionalism and great interest in what we do.
  • Honesty and the utmost respect for our customers and suppliers.
  • Dedication and commitment, as demonstrated by our experience over 30 years.
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement to optimize the processes that will lead to customer satisfaction.

This policy will serve to define quality objectives VIGALI, SL

Ctra. de Pastriz, Km. 7.400 | 50.195 Pastriz (Zaragoza) Spain
Telephone: +34 976 586 742 - Fax: +34 976 586 675
Legal Advice - info@vigali.com
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